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DAB & Zach Braff
__alispagnola_ _DavidABasche Haha maybe_ OK, I'LL SEE YOUR MAYBE AND RAISE YOU A CHICKEN _the_exes #
_OriginateLabs & _TechWorkSpaces & _basche42 & my other new followers, thanks! Season 4 of _The_Exes
LJr9FoS #Thankful2Give
Sex And The City 2
DAB and Bono Cannes U93
Memorial Day weekend selfie, Saltaire New York
Have I mentioned lately how much I love my new _TISSOT Heritage Navigator_ Well I do! #FriendOfTheBr
I suck_ You're saying I suck_ Maaaaaybe I do..
DAB + Wayne Fighting for spoon
Sex And The City 2
DAB Quality Time
DAB and Chris Elliot
Happy Birthday Terrence Stamp, my old boss from the #adjustmentbureau Classy guy
Debra & David Ep
DAB w_Kim Raver copy
DAB and Cruise WOTW
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